Online marketing – facebook ads campaigns in Dublin

Facebook ads and Instagram ads are amazingly profitable marketing channels for all types of businesses, because of the detailed targeting based on various user attributes: job titles, location, age segments, schools they attended, employer names and industries, parental status and many more.

Dan, can you setup a profitable facebook campaign for my local business in Dublin? Yes, if your budget for facebook marketing is at least 1000 euro per month + VAT and you have an optimised website for mobile traffic, because facebook is mainly a mobile App.

What is your fee Dan for this service? My fee is 20% from the facebook monthly Ad Spent which means 200 euro for each 1000 euro given to facebook (excluding VAT).

What would be the cost of professional looking pictures for my facebook ads? Zero. This is one major advantage on facebook, advertising clients get access to a free library of over 25 millions of pictures from, which is searchable by keywords, so you can find almost any type of picture for your ads and it will look amazing. More about this on the shutterstock blog

What can you tell me about video Ads on facebook? On facebook and Instagram video ads of at most 1 minute work the best to inform and attract users to your business. Video ads create a stronger emotional connection with your customers than photo ads. A small business can make such short ads even with a full hd mobile phone, to display their location, their staff and their offers. The cost for a video ad view is as low as 2 cents on facebook so with 1000 euro you get 50.000 views on a single video which is very good in terms of awareness. And if you put a link to your website in the video intro you also get traffic.

At first I used facebook and Instagram just to advertise my photography services, and with a year of experience, after gaining enough knowledge about the various options, which are over 100 only in the Ad Manager interface and Power Editor, I am able to advertise and bring profit to many types of businesses, including small e-commerce websites. I have setup almost all types of campaigns and I am well aware of costs and results that can be obtained.

I am an avid reader of facebook advertising blogs from which I learned many useful strategies to help improve profitability of facebook ads campaigns. However without advanced knowledge facebook can easily be an unprofitable online marketing channel so if you want to learn yourself start from this link to gain the Facebook blueprint certification for ads

Facebook offers so many types of campaigns which make it a complete digital marketing platform. I can setup campaigns for page likes, for promoting posts, for gaining traffic on the website, video campaigns on facebook and Instagram, local campaigns for reaching people on a small radius of 1-3 miles around a location, campaigns for events, the new lead ads, offer claims which work very good for discounts, campaigns focused on conversions or promoting a product catalog.

I am also a big fan of facebook remarketing campaigns using the facebook pixel, which have a better return on ad spend if your website has enough traffic. Facebook remarketing campaigns help to bring in traffic from people who previously visited your website.

What should your budget be for a facebook ads campaign in Ireland? For optimised websites facebook mobile and Instagram have a conversion rate of around 0.1 to 0.2% so you need to send from facebook at least 1000 clicks to your website to gain a paying customer and your website has to be mobile friendly, has to load fast from a 3G mobile connection and has to offer quick navigation options to allow viewing many pages in one visit.

A click costs at an average 0.5 euro from facebook mobile placement (and a little lower from Instagram) so the minimum investment would be 1000 euro per month to gain a 2 new orders through facebook traffic on your website. However the facebook link posts which bring traffic also have additional benefits such as page likes, post likes and a large reach for awareness. A smaller budget can be used with better results however if you are a local business such as a restaurant and are targeting a small 2 miles radius around your location.

How many people will see my Ads from a facebook ads budget of 500 euro? From my personal experience at an average it costs 2 euro for a reach of 1000 users to see a facebook link post so from 500 euro you will get a reach of 250×100=25.000 people which is very good considering the targeting options offered by facebook which help you to laser target a specific audience that is suitable for purchasing your services. Audience exclusions are also available in facebook ads campaigns so you can exclude the types of people that will not buy your services, for example gender and age segments.

Before accepting a client for facebook advertising I will offer you a free website optimisation audit for mobile to help you setup the best website for facebook, this usually includes advice about usability, speed improvement and new features to help users order faster and easier. The audit is offered in simple easy to understand terms, so anyone can take advantage from it. One good trick I can offer you for free is to limit mobile facebook ads targeting to people connected to wi-fi networks to make sure they load your website very quick.

If I only want to gain 10.000 fans on my facebook page what would be the required budget and time frame? With a couple of facebook ads campaigns for page likes, with various pictures and messages, I can get you 10.000 page likes from Ireland in around 3 months with a 10.000 euro budget, as one page like costs at an average 1 euro.

For requests of this online marketing service send me an email on I am available only to take 2 new clients each month.