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Choosing an interesting photographer may seem difficult until you find the right professional who’s pictures make you feel like you are part of the story. Welcome to my website. I am Dan Haghiac and I would be happy to take great photos for you. Feel free to use the WhatsApp button on the lower left corner to contact me.


I have more than 4 years of experience with portrait photography and in 2018 I am also offering wedding photography packages. As a wedding photographer I am offering the kind of service which requires a higher level of photographic and editing experience and the right equipment, to get the best results from documenting your wedding. I can easily travel to locations outside Dublin for wedding photography as I use my car, which is also useful for transporting more advanced accessories such as a mobile photography studio kit for lighting.

My style as a family and wedding photographer is relaxed and fresh, my photos tell the story of your day as it unfolds without much intervention for posing. Just by being natural in a family photo shoot or at a wedding helps to bring out those core emotions which make photos look amazing.

Means of contact: Call/WhatsApp messaging +353871134080, email Instagram Direct messaging @dublinphotographer and Facebook page private messaging

I moved to Ireland 8 years ago. Since then I enjoyed a lot taking photos of beautiful families who expected children (pregnancy photos) or families who already have kids and took them out for outdoor photo sessions in the city or the surrounding landscapes. By working as a wedding photographer I hope to expand my creativity and to make even more people happy about my work.

Engagement photo sessions: if you are a couple you can also choose a romantic photo shoot which is fun and leaves you with very beautiful memories. The pre wedding photo album will help me to perform better according to your expectations from a wedding photographer. My equipment can work well in low light outdoors and even light rain so weather is almost never a problem.

I also have some friends who own horses or take care of horses, so this gave me the opportunity as a photographer to capture a lot of nice moments from the life of horses in stables and the emotional connection they have with their owners who help them to lead a good life.

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I also offer services for food photography / product photography, which are all about capturing the mix of details which make the viewer want to know more about what is presented in the photographs. If you want yo improve the image of your company with great photos for your website or for printed advertising materials, do not hesitate to call me.